Our Messages

Our Messages

MESSAGE from the College Management

Today, higher education in India is getting professional in tune with the objectives of National Educational Policy. There is a great need to design the education program to ensure quality. Our objective at MQI College of Management is to prepare our students to contribute to the economy and to the Society. Strong curriculum specialized skill-set and perspectives (both national and international) will enable our students to be industry-ready.

We, at MQI College of Management (MCM), have commenced our humble efforts in this endeavor.

A.Shafeeq Ahmed

MESSAGE from MBA Director

We are witnessing unprecedented pace of growth today, both at national and international scenario. The thrust areas are getting redefined. Quality is the defining element today, including in higher education. The vibrant economy has taken a very promising trajectory of growth, heralding plethora of opportunities for our graduates. However, the imperative is to ensure that our graduates have a good blend of knowledge, skill and attitude. We, at MQI College of Management, believe in preparing our students both for career and life. The value system is hardwired in the learning process at our institution. In addition, pursuit of excellence coupled with social responsiveness constitutes our core values. We believe in going 'beyond curriculum.' Our team of excellent and dedicated faculty will ensure an enjoyable learning experience in our institution.

I welcome students to join MBA at our institution to enjoy a very rewarding, fruitful and gratifying academic stay.

Dr. V. Prabhu Dev